What size inner tube for 26 x 1.95 tire

What size inner tube for 26 x 1.95?

Picking the right inner tube for your bike tires is just as important as choosing the right tire. Are you wondering what size inner tube is good for a 26 x 1.95 tire?

For a 26 x 1.95 tire, you want the inner tube that says “26 x 1.75-2.25.” 

This easy guide will explain the steps and suggest the best inner tube for your 26 x 1.95 bike tires.

My Recommendation of Inner Tube for 26 x 1.95

Before we offer our recommendations, we want you to find the right inner tube size. To do so, first check your tire’s markings. Observe the tire’s sidewall, which says something like “26 x 1.95”. It is important to have this information when selecting an inner tube. Then, get an inner tube that is the same size as your tire. You want an inner tube that says “26 x Width Range.” For a 26 x 1.95 tire, you want one that says “26 x 1.75-2.25.” The inner tube should fit correctly and be inflated correctly.

Let’s look at the top recommendations to make your life easier, shall we?

So Sunlite is my favorite inner tube for 26 x 1.95. It works great and fits perfectly. Choose the Sunlite tube:

“26 x 1.95 – 2.125” / 32mm Valve

This inner tube has a regular Schrader valve, which is easy to pump up with most bike pumps. The inner tube is made of high-quality rubber and is resistant to punctures and leaks. It is also compatible with most bike tires and wheels.

Steps to Change Bike Inner Tube 

Now comes the hard part, I’m sure you’re thinking. I won’t kid you; changing an inner tube isn’t as hard as you might think. You just need the right tools and steps to make the process easier. Before you start, have these things ready:

  • A couple of spare inner tubes
  • A small tire repair kit
  • Plastic bike tire levers
  • A bike pump or CO2 tire inflator

Here are the steps.

  1. Take off the wheel.
  2. Remove the old tube.
  3. Find out why it got a hole (like checking for glass or sharp stuff).
  4. Put in the new tube.
  5. Put the wheel back on.

My Recommendation of 26 x 1.95 Bike Tire 

When changing inner tubes, there will be times when you see tire damage and need a new tire. If that is the case, you must ensure that your new tire says “26 x 1.95” to match the old one.

Our best recommended 26 x 1.95 Bike Tire For a reliable 26 x 1.95 bike tire, we recommend the Finnci tire. It’s the right choice for your bike. Pick the “26” x 1.95” option when you buy it.

This tire gets favorable reviews for its quality, not getting flat easily, and being a reasonable value. It has a tread pattern for smooth road rides and a decent grip on light dirt or gravel paths. This makes it appropriate for beach cruiser bikes and hybrids.

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